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Full text of "General society of Mayflower descendants, organized at Plymouth, Massachusetts"

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Mayflower DescendantB 

Organized at Plymouth, Massachusetts 
January 12, 1897 



Mayflower Descendants 

Orgfanized at Plymouth, Massachusetts 
January 12, 1897 


Gm from 
Mrs. Marcus Benjamll) 
Dec. 5, 1932 

Extract from Constitution. 

Article II. 

The object of this Society is to promote the 
interests that are common to aU the State Socie- 
ties of Mayflower Descendants, which can best be 
served by a federal body, and more especially to 
secure united effort to discover and publish 
original matter in regard to the Pilgrims, to- 
gether with existing data known only to anti- 
quarians, thus honoring our epoch-making 

Akticle III. 

All persons, over eigliteen years of age, who 
are descended from a passenger on the "May- 
flower," on the voyage which terminated at 
Plymouth, Wew England, in December, 1620, or 
from a signer of the "Compact," shall be 
eligible to membership. - They must be proposed, 
seconded, and elected. They shall j^ay the 
initiation fee and dues, and comply with the 
conditions in the Constitution and the By-Laws. 





Governor General, 

Hox. Hexry E. Howl and, 

of NeAV York, 

Deputy Governors General, 

Hox. WixsLOW Waukex, of Massachusetts, 

Francis Oi.cott Allex, of Pennsylvania, 

William Waldo Hyde, of Connecticut. 

Captain General, 

Capt. Myles Staxdisii, M. D., 

of Massachusetts, 

Elder General, 
Rev. Eoderick Terry, D. D,, of Xew York. 

Secretary General, 

George Erxest Bowmax, 

G2o Tremont Building, Boston, Mass. 


Treasurer General, 
James Mauran Khodes, of Pennsylvania. 

Historian General, 
Richard Henry Greene, of New York. 

Surgeon General, 
Orlando Brown, M. D., of Connecticut. 

Assistants General, 

Rev. Edward Lord Clark, D. D,, 

of Massachusetts. 

Frank William Sprague, of Massachusetts. 

HowLAND Davis, of New York. 

Edward Clinton Lee, of Pennsylvania. 

JosiAH Granville Leach, of Pennsylvania. 

Percy Coe Eggleston, of Connecticut. 
William Molthrop Stark, of Connecticut. 

Society of Mayflower Descendants 


State of New York. 



Hon. Henry E. Howland. 

Deputy Governor, 

John T. Tehry. 


Col. Joseph J. Slocum. 


Rev. Roderick Terry, D. D. 


Frederic Horace Hatch, 

30 Broad Street, New York City. 


William Milne Grinnell. 


Richard Henry Greene, 




Walter Scott Allerton, 

Henry Farnam Dimock, 

Edward Loudon Norton, 

J. Bayard Backus, 

Hoavland Davis, 

Waldo Hutchins, 

George Herbert Warren. 


Members of New York Society. 

Richard Henry Greene New York City 

Edward Loudon Norton " " " 

William Milne Grinnell " " " 

J. Bayard Backus " " " 

Edward Clinton Lee 

Walter Scott Allerton 

Joseph Jermain Slocum 

Waldo Hutchins, 

James Henry Hoadley 

Helen Melinda Fisher 

Victor August Seggermann 

Marshall Winslow Greene 

Margaret Olivia (Slocum) Sage 

(Mrs. Russell Sage) 
Susan Taber Martin 
Louise Bliss Grinnell 
Francis Bacon 
Nancy Grinnell 
Augustus Schell Hutchins 
George Herbert Warren 
Edward Bruce Hill 
Amelia Leavitt (Foote) Hill 

(Mrs. Edward Bruce Hill) 
William Henry Doty 
Katharine Elizabeth (Searle) McCartney 


(Mrs. William H. McCartney) 
Catherine Louisa (Adams) Washington, 

New York City 

(Mrs. Allan Cooper Washington) 
Mary Gertrude (Munson) Greene New York City 

(Mrs, Richard Henry Greene) 


Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mt. Vernon 

New York City 

New York City 

New York City 

New York City 

New York City 



Ida Xesbitt (Tucker) Morris Chicago, III, 

(Mrs, Tyler Seymour Morris) 
Kev. Brady Electus Backus, D. D. New York City 
Edna Munson Greene " " " 

George Bird Grinnell " " " 

William Morton (irinnell " " " 

Mary (Grinnell) Landon " " " 

(Mrs. Edward Hunter Landon) 
Laura (Grinnell) Martin Xew York City 

(Mrs. Newell Martin) 
Helen Jesup (Grinnell) Page New York City 

(Mrs. William Drummond Page) 
Rev. Roderick Terry, D. D. New York City 

Pelham Winslow W^arren Yonkei-s 

Rowland Davis NeAv York City 

Louise Engel (Seggermann) Norton 

New York City 
(Mrs. Edward Loudon Norton) 
Jane Terry (Sheldon) Smith New York City 

(Mrs. Andrew Heermance Smith) 
Clarence Lyman Collins New York City 

James Hathaway Jackson Dansville 

Maria Averill Backus Schenectady 

Helene (Allen) Moller New York City 

(Mrs. Charles George Moller, Jr.) 
Henry Theodore Munson New York City 

Frederick Krueger Seggermann, 

East Orange, N. J. 
George Franklin Newcomb New Haven, Conn, 
John Henry Washburn New York City 

Minnie Louise (Norton) Little " " " 

(Mrs. Willard Parker Little) 
Charles Shubael Child Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Thomas Waring Yonkers 

Janet Waring ' ' 

Julia Waring (Roberts) Rundall Brewster 

(Mrs. Clarence Aubrey Rundall) 
Francis Olcott Allen Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Taylor Terry Tarrytown 

Henry E. Howland New York City 

James Anderson Halves Xew York City 

Marcus Benjamin " " " 

Martha (Morton) Hartpenee Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Mrs. Alanson Hartpenee) 
Annie (White) Gleason New York City 

(Mrs. Jolin Blanehard Gleason) 
Henry Colvin Brewster Rochester 

Levi Parsons Morton Rhinecliff 

Clinton Brooks Sears, Major Duluth, Minn. 

Corps of Engineers U. S. A. 
Edgar Cotrell I^eonard Albany 

William Ptipley Strong Golden' s Bridge 

Thomas Snell Hopkins Washington, D. C. 

Sherbm-ne Gillette Hopkins " " 

Lucy (Otis) Bruggerhof Noroton, Conn. 

(Mrs. Edward Everett Bruggerhof) 
Ida May (Frost) Kobinson New York City 

(Mrs. Frank Tracy Robinson) 
Jane Eunice Brewster Rochester 

William Post Hawes Bacon Brouxville 

Anna Fosdick Bacon " 

Rosalie Bacon " 

Frederick Chandler Seabury Brooklyn 

William Watson Webb Rochester 

Alonzo Howard Clark Washington, D. C. 

Charles Hedges McKinstry Newport, R. I. 

1st Lieut. Corps Engineers, U. S. A. 
Charles Harrod Vinton, M. D. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Edwin Sedgwick Chittenden St. Paul, Minn. 
Elisha Williams McKinstry San Francisco, Cal. 
George Alfred Stringer Buffalo 

Mary Louise (Cheney) Elwood Rochester 

(Mrs. George May Elwood) 
Henry Farnam Dimock New York City 

Margaret Antoinette (Lennig) Oglesby, 

New Orleans, La. 
(Mrs. Joseph Henry Oglesby) 
Susan Cornelia (Whitney) Dimock, 

New York City . 
(Mrs. Henry Farnam Dimock) 


5asan Maria Diiiiock New York City 

Trace Goodwin (Fuller) Reynolds, 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

(Mrs. Benjamin Reynolds) 
Flelene Bartlett (O'Leary) Davis, 

Brookline, Mass. 

(Mrs. Langdon Shannon Davis) 
['aul Allen Langevin Doty Paterson, N. J. 

Reginald Henshaw Ward Xew York City 

John Balcli Blood Schenectady 

\nna Willis (Lawrence) Brown New York City 

(Mrs. Charles Hilton Brown) 
Lillie Collins (Whitney) Barney New York City 

(Mrs. Cliarles Tracy Barney) 
Sarah Howard (Loomis) Pitkin Hartford, Conn. 

(Mrs. Albert Hastings Pitkin) 
William Wolcott Strong Kenosha, Wis. 

[lenry Clark Coe, M. D. New York City 

lieorge Frederick Hunter Bartlett, M. D. Buffalo, 
Lily Virginia (Brandreth) Larkin Sing Sing 

(Mrs. Francis Larkin, Jr.) 
Helen Murray Reynolds Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Elizabeth (Reynolds) Ricketts Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

(Mrs. R. Bruce Ricketts) 
Henry Raymond Howland Buffalo 

Percy Bryant, M. D. 
Helen Ward (Brandreth) Potter Sing Sing 

(Mrs. Frederick Potter) 
James Dougal Bissell, M. D. New York City 

Mary Louise (Trumbull) Allen " ■' " 

(Mrs. Henry Allen) 
Harry Weston Van Dyke Washington, D. C. 
Fanny Randall (Brandreth) Kane Sing Sing 

(Mrs. John I. Kane.) 
Grace Mason (Weston) Allen New Haven, Conn. 

(Mrs. Waller Allen) 
Frank Birge Smith Washington, D. C. 

Henry Bowers Brooklyn 

Edwin Proctor Andrus Fort Ringgold, Texas 

Captain 5th Cavalry, U. S. A. 

Charles Pahner Robinson Brooklyn 

Louise Terry (Collins) Butler Yonkers 

(Mrs. AVilliam Allen Butler, Jr.) 
John Reynolds Totten New York City 

George Congdon Gorham Washington, T). C. 
Xella Sumner (Phillips) Shuart Rochester 

(Mrs. William Herbert Sliuart) 
Emory Hawes New York City 

JNIargaret Bradford (Otis) Scrugham Yonkers 

(Mrs. William Warburton Scrugham.) 
Edward Milton Adams Chicago, III. 

Mary Adams (Beardsley) Maynard Utica 

(Mrs. John Frederick Maynard) 
George Ernest Bowman Boston, Mass. 

Elizabeth Chester Backus New York City 

Mervyn Edward Johnston (Chicago. 111. 

Edith (Parker) Stimson New York City 

(Mrs. Daniel M. Stimson) 
Victor Clifton Alderson Chicago, 111. 

Fanny Delphine (Williams) Rawson 

New York CUty 

(Mrs. Warren Rawson) 
Thomas Lincoln Manson, Jr. " " " 

Harriet Lothrop Robbins " " " 

Josiah Granville Leach Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Greene Binney Burlington, N. J, 

Martha Vanderburg (Gleason) Seggermann, 

New York City 

(Mrs. Henry Seggermann) 
Anna Segge nnann " " 

George Whitfield Newcomb Chicago, 111. 

Mary Eriiily (Sowles) Perkins New York City 

(Mrs. Newton Perkins) 
Elizabeth Bishop Perkins '• 

Wyllys Terry Biooklyn 

Josiah Lewis Lombard Chicago, 111. 

LeBaron Bradford Prince Sante Fe, N. M. 

John Bearse Newcomb Elgin, 111. 

Cornelia Katherine Chittenden 8t. Paul, Minn. 
Frederic Horace Hatch New York City 


Elizabeth Alice (Miller) Minton Brooklyn 

(Mrs. Henry Brewster Minton) 
Mary (Brewster) Minton " 

(]Mrs. Henry Minton) 
Chandler Robbins Xew York City 

William Collins Whitney " " " 

George Wentworth Freeman Portland, Ore. 

Benjamin Knower New York City 

Jean Holberton Ricketts Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Alma Barton Strong (4olden's Bridge 

Morgan Gardner Bnlkeley Hartford, Conn. 

Linda (Marqnand) Terry New York City 

(Mrs. Roderick Terry) 
Margaret ]Maria (Bromley) Greene 

Xew York City 

(Mrs. Charles Arthur Greene) 
Benjamin Brewster Xew York City 

Cornelia Trimble (Macy) Walker " " •'■ 

(Mrs. Isaac H. Walker) 
Caroline Carson (Woolsey) Mitchell 

Xew York City 

(Mrs. Edward Mitchell) 
Edward Christopher James " '^ 

Rebecca Elizabeth (Spooner) LaAvrence Yonkers 

(Mrs. Albert Effingham Lawrence) 
Mary Jerusha (Bulkeley) Brainard 

Hartford, Conn. 

(Mrs. Leverett Brainard) 
Henry Melville Whitney Boston, Mass. 

Emma (Tower) Reilly Philadelphia, Pa, 

(Mrs. Thomas Alexander Reilly) 
Wadsworth Jackson Brewster Hannibal 

Charles Waldo Haskins New York City 

Gorhani Bacon, M. D. " " " 

Katharine (Alden) Dodge Brooklyn 

(Mrs. Omri Alonzo Dodge) 
John Robbins Tracy Stamford, Conn. 

Abbott Augustus Low Brooklyn 

Seth IjOw New York City 

Frank Hallett Lovell " " '' 


Isabel Lovell New York City 

Frank Hallett Lovell. Jr. " '• "" 

Frank Willing Leach riiiladelpliia. Pa, 

Charles A. Brinley " " 

Charlemagne Tower, Jr. " " 

James Maiiran Rhodes Ardmore, " 

Charles Edwin Mayo St. Paul, Minn. 

Seott Jordan Chicago, 111. 

Ada (Walker) Adams St. Paul, Minn. 

(Mrs. John Qnincy Adams) 
Charles Eliot Pike St. Paul, Minn. 

Lauren E. Crane Minneapolis, " 

Harmon Pumpelly Head Albany 

Charles Whiting Plyer New York City 

Samuel Brown Hawley Yonkers 

(George Hiram Griffing Philadelphia, Pa. 

Carrie Buddington (RaM'son) Davis 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

(Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Davis) 
Dorrance Reynolds Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Josephine C-olston Criffin New Y'ork (Uty 

(Mrs. Addison Leroy Griffin) 
Grace Louise Griffin New York City 

John Smith Sargent Chicago 111. 

Edith Lyman Collins New York ('ity 

Horatio Victor Newcomb " " " 

Ellen Douglas Morris Ardmore, Pa. 

(Mrs. Effingham Buckley Morris) 
Henry Cushmau Worthington, M. D., 

Chicago, 111. 
Florence Earle Coates Germantown, Pa, 

(Mrs. EdMard Hornor Coates) 
Henry Stanton New Y'ork City 

Hannah Haskins Gould Mynderse Brooklyn 

(Mrs. Wilhelmus Mynderse) 
Emily Theodosia (Hatch) Roessle Albany 

(Mrs. Elwood Osborne Roessle) 
William Macy Walker New Y^ork City 

Anne Grey Soule Lapham Charleston, S. C. 

(Mrs. Samuel Lapham) 


Mary I. (Macy) Kingslaiid, 


(Mrs. William M. Kingsland) 
Charlotte Johnson Sayre Boornian 

Xew York City 

(Mrs. Thomas Hugh Boorman) 
Annie Waters McLean, New Hartford 

(Mrs. Charles McLean) 
Mary Watson ( Brandreth) Borup, 

Germantown, Pa. 

(Mrs. Henry Dana Borup) 
Bessie Simpkins Bacon Xew York City 

(Mrs. Gorham Bacon) 
Almira Little Peterson Colkett, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Mrs. Charles Howard Colkett) 
George Henry Macy Xew York City 

Amelia Elizabeth (Williams) Paulison, 

West Hartford, Conn. 

(Mrs. John C. Paulison) 
Chandler Pease Chapman Madison, Wis. 

Susan Rogers White Hoyt Rochester 

(Mrs. William Edwin Hoyt) 
Charles Volney Wheeler Little Falls 

Anna Griswold Alden Field New Haven, Conn. 

(Mrs. William T. Field) 
William Park Metcalf Washington, D. C. 

Frederick J. Huntington Norwich, Conn. 

Herbert Jenney Cincinnati, Ghio 

Mis. ]MaryKn»>wer Penniman New York City 
William Isaac Walker Xew York City 

John Newell Tilden, M. D. Peekskill 

Elizabeth Strong New York City 

Mason Whiting Tyler Plainfield, N. J. 

Lawrence Brainerd, 2nd St. Albans, Vt. 

Charles Spooner Forbes '* " 

Henry Brewster Minton, M. 1). Brooklyn 

Ruth Winton Cronkite Larchmont 

(Mrs. Elisha Packer Cronkite) 
Charles Ridgeley Springfield, 111. 

Daniel Gould Francis West Hartford, Conn. 

Fannie Sara Miller Xew York City 

Edwin Linus Todd Sing Sing 

Evelyn Goss Curtis Cincinnati, Ohio 

(Mrs. Henry Melville Curtis) 
George Davis Terry Brooklyn 

Adelina Tower New York City 

Sarah Adeline Lovell McKinlay " " " 

(Mrs. James M. McKinlay) 
Charles Goddard White Boston, Mass, 

Alfred Sidney Johnson Buffalo 

Edward Stephen Rawson Cincinnati, Ohio 

Walter Shaw Brewster Brooklyn 

Lester Orestre Goddard Chicago, HI. 

Mary Clark Hoyt Madison. Wis. 

(Mrs. Frank Williams Hoyt) 
James Kneeland Milwaukee, '• 

Frances (Kneeland) Flint " " 

(Mrs. John Gardiner Flint) 
Ella (Kneeland) Gregory " " 

(Mrs. Arnold (Gregory) 
Wyman Kneeland Flint '* 

Adelhert H. Alden New York City 

Charlotte Ffirth Sturdivant Vaill Brooklvn 

(Mrs. Edward E. Vaill) 
Horace Stuart Cummings Washington, D. C, 
Caroline Homans Patterson New York City 

Nathan Henry Jones Plattsburgh 

George Worthington Bennington C^entre, Yt. 
Cassius Milton Wicker New York City 

Elijah Bobinson Kennedy " " " 

Julia Bowen French Metcalf St. Paul, Minn. 

(Mrs. Geo. R. Metcalf) 
Rebecca Moore Thorne Donaldson, 

AYhite Bear Lake, Minn. 

(Mrs. William T. Donaldson) 
Kate Morgan Brookfield New York City 

(^Nlrs. William Brookfield) 
Frederick Kellogg Arnold Portland, Ore. 

William Farley Peck Rochester 


Philip Clolden Bartlett New York City 

Leaiider Newton Lovell Plainfield, N. J . 

Jane Trowbridge Hotciikiss New Haven, Conn. 

(Mrs. Henry L. Hotclikiss) 
Sallie Warren Waterman Pliiladelpliia, Pa. 

John Howard Abbott jSIinneapolis, Minn. 

Emily Strong Davis Taintor Hartford, Conn. 

(Mrs. (reorge E. Taintor) 
Hoswell Lockwood Hallstrora New York City 
]\Irs Amelia Elizabeth Nevers Chicago, 111. 

Rodney Strong Dennis New York City 

Charles Hervey Townshend New Haven, Conn. 
Eliza M. Schroeder Tyler Plainfield, N. J. 

(Mrs. Mason W. Tyler) 
Jessie Patterson New York City 

Henry Peter Renouf Holt Washington, D C. 
Edward Wilkins Dewey New York City 

Caroline Lonise Seabury Brooklyn 

Benjamin Walworth Arnold Albany 

Clarence Egberts Newman Albany 

Jared AYeed Bell New York City 

Curtiss Crane (rardiner St. Louis. Mo. 

fiber Richards Ticonderoga 

Mary Elizabeth Brown New York City 

(Mrs. John Crosby Brown) 
James Le Baron Willard Brooklyn 

Joanna Williams Yonkers 

Sarah AYilliams •' 

LeRoy Dwight Farnham, M. D. Binghamton 
Anita Newcomb McGee, M. D. 

Washington, D. C 

(Mrs. W. J. McGee) 
Hosalie Greenleaf Ford Barr New York City 

(Mrs. William Rufus Barr) 
Alice Eudocia Cheeseman Denver. Col. 

(Mrs. AYalter Scott Cheeseman) 


Society of Mayflower Descendants 


Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 


Gamaliel Bradford. 

Deputy Governor, 
Xathan Appleton. 

Capt. Myles Standisit, M. 1). 

Uev. Edward Lord Clark, D. D. 

Secretary and Historian, 

George Ernest Bowman, 

t>2.3 Tremont Building, 13oston. 


Marcus Morton. 


Charles William Galloi pe, M. D. 


Hon. Winslow Warren, 

Mrs. Ellen Sever Hale, 

Hon. Charles Francis Adams, 2d, 


Mrs. Emily Marshall Morison, 

Charles Peter Clark, Jr., 

Mrs, Lucretia Smith Remick. 


Members of Massachusetts Society. 

(reorge Ernest Bowman Boston, 

Arthur Payson Dana 

Myles Standish, M. I). 

Winslow Warren " 

Nathaniel Upham Walker " 

Charles Peter Clark. Jr. " 

Henry Diirfee Pope *' 

Rev. Edward Lord Clark. I). 1). 

Solomon Lorin Keith Bridgewater 

Nathan Appleton Boston 

Charles William Galloupe. M. I). 

Charles Francis Adams 

Gamaliel Bradford " 

Charles Francis Adams. 2nd " 

Walter Kendall Watkins 

Gamaliel Bradford, Jr. Wellesley Hills 

Charles Peter Clark New Haven. Conn. 

Mary Adams Quincy Boston 

(Mrs. Henry P. Quincy) 
Marcus Morton " 

Ellen Sever Hale " 

(Mrs. George S. Hale) 
Lena Farrington Cushman Auburn.. Me. 

(Mrs. Charles L. Cushman) 
Charles Livingston Cushman '• '' " 

Lucretia Smith Remick Boston 

(Mrs. John A. Remick) 
Eleanor Armistead Appleton '• 

Elinor Curtis 

Mary Rivers Milton 

Austin Lord Bowman Kew York City 

Emily Marshall Morison Boston 

(Mrs. John H. Morison) 


Francis Kussell -Stoddard Boston 

James Myles Standish '' 

Frank William Sprague 

Joseph Blanchard Ames 

Emma Pearmain Harris ( helsea 

(Mrs. A. S. Harris) 
M. Cordelia Loring Brooks Boston 

(Mrs. Lyman B. Brooks) 
Elizabeth Bass Hinckley '' 

(Mrs. JS. B. Hinckley) 
Helen Louise Goss " 

(Mrs. Francis W. Goss) 
Frank Ray Thomas 
Henry Francis Coe 
Sumner Bass Pearmain 
Alice Frances Sprague 

Robert Pearmain Loring, M. ]). Newton Centre 
Horace Sargent Bacon Lowell 

John Mason Little Boston 

Orilla Parke iVmes Swampscott 

Harriet Stetson Ames " 

L. Loring Brooks Boston 

George Whitefield Stone 
Harriet Kelley Clough Lynn 

(Mrs. M. P. Clough) 
Amelia Stone Quinton Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Mrs. Richard L. Quinton) 
Mary Savory Stevens Lowell 

(Mrs. Solon W. Stevens) 
Frederick Wesley Parker Boston 

Helen Lancaster Clark " 

(Mrs. Charles P. Clark, Jr.) 
Herbert Jenney Cincinnati, Ohio 

William Leonard Kelt Boston 

Nellie Washburn Pitkin " 

(Mrs. Charles L. Pitkin) 
Henry Stevenson Washburn •' 

Walter Curtis Brooks 
Lillie Blanche Titus 

(Mrs. Nelson V. Titus) 


Mary Latham ("lark 

(Mrs. David Small Clark) 
James Parklmrst Trott 
Annie Eastham Guild 

(Mrs. Chester Guild, Jr.) 
Emma Frances Foster 
Georcje Adelhert Alden 
John Marshall Xewton ( 

Thomas Bradford Drew 
Frederick Clark ^Nloseley 
Mary Huggles Mixter 

(:Nirs William Mixter) 
Lucia Alden Bradford Knapp 

(Mrs, F. X, Knapp) 
Mary Frances Edson 
Allan Rogers 
Harriet Westcott Lawrie 

(Mrs, William Lawrie) 
Andrew Westcott Lawrie 
Mabel Lancaster Harwood 

(Mrs, Sydney Harwood) 
George Eliot Richardson 
EmmaWadleigh Allen 

(Mrs, diaries F, Allen) 
Louise Lawrence Fitch 

(Mrs. Charles E. Fitch) 
Henry Southworth Shaw 
Alfred Lyman Darrow 
Fanny Gay Darrow 
Arthur Fletclier Whitin 
Edward Whitin 
Samuel Appleton Melclier 
Mary Ann Mixter 
Mary AVestcott Buck 

(Mrs. Walter Buck) 
Fanny Eliza Coe 
Mary Russell Hodge 
Ellen Leora Pratt 
Edith Forrester Pratt 
Carrie Williams Clapp 


Derry, X. H. 

X'iagara Falls 


'incinnati, Ohio 









Wellesley Hills 
Hyde Park 








Kingston. R. L 


James Biriiey Alden Boston 

Emma Westcott Bullock Bristol, R. I. 

(Mrs. Jonatlian B, Bullock) 
Henry Darrah Sears Lynn 

Mary Barstow Pope ]5oston 

George Arthur Harlow, M, D. " 

Francis Walter Robinson " 

Louie Rogers Stanwood " 

Leah Leavitt Nichols Wellington Newtonville 

(Mrs. Andrew Wellington) 
Charles Truesdell Cxorhani Marshall, Mich. 

Rodney Macdonough Boston 

Arthur Herbei-t Chester Concord 

Miranda Burgess Chester Boston 

(Mrs. Charles E. Chester) 
Mary Augusta Cumings Boston 

(Mrs. Charles Bradley Cumings) 
Elmer Hooker Allen Boston 

Margaret Hopkins Pratt Chelsea 

(Mrs. Arthur M. Pratt) 
Sara Elizabeth Engles Chelsea 

(Mrs. S. Allen Engles) 
Cora Leslie Turner Chelsea 

(Mrs. Frederic Alonzo Turner) 
Mary Adeline Winslow Boston 

(Mrs. Edward Miller Winslow) 
Susan Barker Willard Hingham 

Livingston Warner Cleaveland New Haven, Conn, 
Amy Wenonah Alden Boston 

Charles Lathrop Parsons Diuham, N. H. 

Sarah Anna Prentice Hallett Boston 

(Mrs. Daniel Bunker Hallett) 
Clifton Sharp Thompson Denver. Col. 

Ida Barrett Adams Lowell 

(]Mrs. Charles E, Adams) 
Charles Stanley Symonds Utica 

Harriet Janvrin Huntington Amesbury 

(Mrs. James R. Huntington) 
Ella Brooks Hill Maiden 

(Mrs. Charles Colver Hill) 


Rev. Thomas White Xickerson, Jr. Boston 

Mrs. Mary Loring Williams Urbana, Ohio 

Horace Homer Soule, Jr. Boston 

Edna Morton Pierce " 

(Mrs. Eugene Edgett Pierce) 
Susan Augusta Smith North Pembroke 

Abby Morton Kyle Plymouth 

(Mrs. William Seward Kyle) 
Arthur Emerson Thayer Boston 

Anna Brewster Carvelle Manchester, X. H 

(Mrs. Henry De W. Carvelle) 
Helen Frances Yeaton Boston 

(Mrs. George Walter Yeaton) 
Arthur Holmes James Boston 

Antoinette Clapp " 

Maria Eldredge Morton Xewtonville 

(Mrs. Marcus Morton) 
Emma Thatcher Leonard Xewtonville 

(Mrs. Charles Webster Leonard) 


Society of Mayflower Descendants 


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 


Charlemagne Towek, Jr., LL.D. 

Deputy Governor, 
Fkancis Olcott Allen. 

Charles A. Brinley. 

James Mauran Rhodes. 

J. Granville Leach. 


Edavard Clinton Lee, 

813 Drexel Building, Philadelphia. 


Edward Clinton Lee, 

E. Spencer Miller. 


Members of Pennsylvania Society. 

Francis Olcott Allen 
Edward Clinton Lee 
J. Granville Leach 
James Mauran Rhodes 
Frank Willing Leach 
Charles A. Brinley 
Charles Harrod Vinton, M. D. 
Mrs. R. Bruce Ricketts 
Jean Holberton Ricketts 
Mrs. Edward H. Coates 
Mrs. Effingham B. Morris 
Mrs. Henry H. D. Borup 
Anne Law Hubbell 
Mrs. Burr Churchill Miller 
Mrs. Benjamin Reynolds 
Charlemagne Tower, Jr. L 
Mrs. Thomas Alexander Reilly 
Mrs. William H. McCartney 
Mrs Alanson Hartpence 
Chauncie Emily Reynolds 
Mrs. Alexis T. du Pont 
James Mauran Rhodes, Jr. 
Mrs. Edward Y. Hartshorne 
Mary Aborn Rhodes 
Mrs. Effingham Perato 
Mrs. Josiali M. Bacon 
Rev. Irwin Pounds McCurdy 



I. ( 

German town 

L. D. Philadelphia 




Wilmington, Del. 






D. D. Litt. D., 
Harmony Grove, Md. 
Paul Barthalon, M. D. Philadelphia 

Leonard Eugene Wales, Judge U. S. Couit, 

Wilmington, Del. 
Elizabeth Miner Wilkes-Barre 


Mrs. Nicholas Longwortli 
Lucretia Christophers Lennig 
William Henry Castle 
Mrs. John L. Garner 
George H. Earle, Jr. 
Charles William Cushman 
Mrs. Angelo T. Freedley 
Mrs. Charles Howard Calket 
Mrs. Gilbert Reilay 
E. Spencer Miller 

Cincinnati, Ohio 




Society of Mayflower Descendants 


State of Connecticut. 


William Waldo Hyde. 

Deputy Governor, 
Henry Augustus Moegan. 

Captain Royal Bird Bradford. 

Percy Coe Egglp:ston, l^ew London. 

Laurence Waterman Mixer. 

Frances Potter. 


William Molthrop Stark, 

WoLCOTT Barbour Manwaring, 

Percy Coe Eggleston, 

Lucy Palmer Butler, 

Alice Stanton Turner, 

Mrs. Betsy Ingham Loomis Whittlesey 

Mrs. Mary Lydia Bolles Branch. 


Members of Connecticut Society. 

Benjamin Stark New London 

Laurence Waterman Miner '' 

Frances Potter " 

Percy Coe Eggleston " 

William Molthrop Stark '' 

Mrs. Annie Holt Smith " 

Elizabeth Charlotte Grace Stark " 

Genevieve Stark " 

Mrs, Mary Lydia Bolles Branch " 

Lucy Palmer Butler "• 

Mrs. Sarah Louisa ('one Allender " 

Elizabeth Mussey Browne "■ 

Mrs. Frances Man waring Miner Graves "• 
Mrs. Mary E. Comstock Yiets " 

Henry Peter Renouf Holt '' 

Alice Stanton Turner " 

Elisha Turner, 2nd "■ 

Lucretia Wright Smith " 

Sarah Elizabeth Robinson '•'■ 

Mrs. Julia I. Loomis Havemeyer Hartford 

Henry Richardson Bond, Jr. New London 

Helen Morgan Avery Groton 

Capt, Royal Bird Bradford Tompkinsville, N. Y. 

(U. S. S. Montgomery) 
Mrs. Lizzie Pomeroy Fuller Litchfield 

Mrs. Ellen Barbour Manwaring New London 
Wolcott Barbour Manwaring " 

Mrs. Betsey Ingham Loomis Whittlesey 

New London 
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Thomson Kinney 

New Haven 


Thomas Nicoll Browne Lyons, France 

Mrs. Mary Kliodes Ellis Cincinnati, Ohio 

Sarah Hinckley Morgan Groton 

Albert Eben Colfax Xew York City 

William Lowrey Marsh Washington, J). C. 

Mrs. Amoret McCall Eobinson Nonvich Town 
Mrs. Lucy Crocker Eaymond Smith New London 
Gilbert Smith Kaymond Norwich 

Mrs. Louise Morgan Zabriskie Aurora, N. Y. 
Henry Augustus Morgan "■ " 

William Waldo Hyde Hartford 

Mrs. Augusta Peck Clark Lyme 

Mrs. Myra Fitch Jennings New London 

Mrs. Jylia Kichards Haughton Murray 

Princeton, N. J. 
William Williams Butler New York City 

Mrs. Grace Turner Arms New London 

James Bowen Johnson Washington, D. C. 

William Wallace Case '' " 

Loren P. Waldo ]NEarvin Hartford 

]\[inard Townsend Barbour Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Jennie Law Hartwell " " 

William Ernest Bai-bour " " 

Alonzo Morgan Zabriskie Aurora, N. Y. 

William Stowell Mills Brooklyn, '' 

Frederic Haines Curtiss Boston, Mass. 

Mrs Louise Congdon Kudd New London 

Mrs. Charlotte Bishop Waller '' 

Arthur Train Whitman Chicago, 111. 

Mary Barbour Whitman " " 

Mrs. Sara Maria Adams Kings Ferry, N. Y. 

Mrs. Ida St. Clair Jerome Lippitt New London 
Mrs. Harriet Fisher Greve Cincinnati, Ohio 

AVilliam Francis Alden Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. Alice Minard Bodman Chicago, 111. 

Capt. Colby Mitchell Chester, 

League Island, Penn. 
(U. S. S. Richmond) 
Edward Lowell Kelly Denver, Col. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Waller Appleby Minneapolis.Miun. 

Mrs. Jennie Stevens Rose Lincoln, Xeb. 

John Crocker Foote Belvidere, 111. 

Hattie L. Alden Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. Eliza AVliite Osgood Norwich 

Harriet Foote Belvidere, 111. 

Mrs. Caroline Pendleton Meech Frink 

Chicago, 111. 
Mrs. Annie A. Fellows Cambridgeport, Mass. 
Mrs. Emma Rogers Babson Friend Oakland, Cal. 
Frank Eldredge Hyde Lyons, France 

Orlando Brown, M. D. Washington 

Frank Thornton Arms " D. C. 

Caroline Alathea Blodgett Waukegan, 111. 

Charles Adell Lewis Totten Milford 

Thomas Sedgwick Steele Hartford 

Eda Totten Milford 

Mrs. Frances Deering Jones Cincinnati, Ohio 
John Frederic Randall Alton, 111. 

David Crocker Mott Hamilton, N. Y. 

Eliza Warren Avery Xorwich 

Robert King Waller New London 

Fanny Reed Norwich, N. Y. 

Frederick Augustus Fuller Mt. Yernon, N. Y. 
Walstein R. Chester Boston, Mass. 

Rev. James Gibson Johnson Chicago, 111. 

Abiel W. Nelson, M. D. New London 

Mrs. Clara Anna Rich Devereux Cincinnati, Ohio 
Joel F. Vaile Denver, Col. 

Edith May Noyes Morgan Mystic 

Richard Huson Hart Denver, Col. 

Carlos Barry, Jr. New^ London 

G. Maud Barry " 

Nathaniel Emmons Robinson Washington, D. C. 
Theodore Otis Leonard Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Davies Jones Cincinnati, Ohio 

Mary Eliza Borrodell Williams New London 

Mrs. Mary Clarke Gardner " 

Mrs. INIartha Gardner Reeves " 

Charles Clarke Gardner " 

Susan Sherman Gardner " 



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